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Your big business
dreams are
100% achievable.

But, if you want to achieve them anytime soon, you need a solid strategy. 

You need a plan that’s time efficient, cost effective, and that makes you feel like WOOOHOOO instead of womp, womp. 

You’re a smart cookie with a big vision and you CAN go all the way but... you haven’t yet. 


Maybe it's because...
  • You keep looking around you, seeing others rocking it and that creates a giant pit in your stomach... You feel deep down you can deliver as well (if not better) but you can't seem to just get there and you don't know what will finally make it happen for you.
  • You've taken a whack of courses, but you feel like you don't have much to show for it in terms of results (aka, coins in your piggy bank) and you're frustrated and frankly, sick and tired of trying and feeling like crap...
  • You feel like there are a thousand different things that you must do to get your business off the ground and that has you feeling like you have no direction. Instead of getting traction, you find yourself spending more and more time in Procrastination Nation. (a.k.a. getting nowhere fast!)
So yeah. A whole lot of nothing has been happening lately, but girl, YOU'VE GOT THIS. 

You can make this happen. And you WILL. And I am here to help you figure out how. 

Imagine throwing all of your worries, ideas, hopes, dreams and goals at someone (hey girl, hey!!) and having it given back to you in the form of an actionable plan every single week that gets you where you want to go, stat. 
We can make this happen. 

“I needed help from someone with experience.”
I have my business started. I know the basics and what to do. But I didn’t know what to tweak and focus on to get to the next level. If I had not worked with Colleen I would still be frustrated and fumbling around, not understanding why things weren’t working for me. I now feel confident about growing my business in a way that’s in keeping with my values. Colleen is so relaxed and calm. She’s down to earth, yet her supportive help leaves me filled with confidence and hope, knowing that I am on the right path in my business.
Hunter Clarke-Fields
Hunter Yoga
INTRODUCING: The 3 Month Grow Mentorship, where you and I work together to transform your mindset and business strategy to a whole new level. 
Trust me, the next level IS AWESOME. 

It’s the level where you have a healthy client docket and know you’re helping people and working in your zone of genius. 

It’s the level where you establish yourself as an expert in your field and start to make a name for yourself. 

It’s the level where your income is a positive number instead of a negative. 

How do I know all of this? Because I’ve done it. Multiple times. 

Hi, I’m Colleen Arneil, PhD, and I’m so excited to come up with the perfect strategy for you and your business. 

The bottom line here is that your success depends on understanding the real human psychology that will irresistibly woo your ideal customers into your paying world.

Lucky for you, I’m a former psychology professor, and I know a thing or two about what makes people tick. After grad school, I went on to build (and sell) a multiple six figure e-commerce company. 

My success comes from learning how to set up online systems that turn new leads into happy, paying customers, and I can help you create those pathways for yours.

I'm a whiz at making the tech and systems easy -- pinky swear. 

“Colleen's goal is to make sure you accomplish your goals.”
I decided to work with Colleen after attending one of her free webinars - I could see that she was very patient and knowledgeable. Before working together I did not think I could handle the pressure of creating something to sell to my audience, but Colleen's step by step process gave me the confidence that I needed. If we had not worked together I would still be STUCK asking myself questions but never really getting started. Now I have a book for my business and I am selling it on Amazon! Colleen is just a wonderful person and such a pleasure to work with. 
Sandy Bastien
Plumeria Wedding Flowers
So, what’s included in the 3 Month Mentorship? 
Let me break it down for you. 
  • 6 Laser Coaching Calls for 60 minutes each (2 calls per month) where we will dive DEEP into your business to sort out exactly what action needs to be taken to achieve your goals. You walk away each week feeling calm, empowered, and excited to tackle your new (super targeted and simplified) to do list.

    Our sessions together are 100% customized based on where you're at right now and where you want to be.

  • UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS to me during our 3 months together for support and questions. I'm right there with you, all the time.

  • ALL ACCESS PRODUCT PASS - You'll get lifetime access to ALL of my programs and any new programs released in the forthcoming year from our start date. This allows us to work on a high level during sessions while you have supportive materials as well for between sessions (Value: $2000).

  • INVESTMENT: 6,000 usd (payment plan available)
“I had my best month ever since working with Colleen!”
“I was feeling lost and overwhelmed about how to take my business into the online world. I wasn’t sure if I was going to see results or if it would be a waste of my time. I am so glad I found Colleen! She helped me with understanding the psychology of my email series and sales page. Any question I had, Colleen was able to answer and gave me step by step instructions on how to go about the process. I am so much more confident now and excited for my business to keep growing.”
Sukkie Sandhu, M.Ed
Happy Baby Sleep Solutions
“Colleen is the best to work with because of her experience in online retail”
“If I hadn’t worked with Colleen I would still have a navigation-cluttered website and be relying on an online support group which wasn’t giving me any concrete solutions. And I would still be force feeding ALL of my products instead of focusing on the revenue driver. I’ve already gotten compliments about the website adjustments. The adjustments led to better sales conversions, and coupled with some product improvements, will help my business meet or surpass sales goals. Talking with Colleen was like chit-chatting with a friend…a friend who wants to make you money.”
Aisha Sequiera
Diaper Dawgs
When you lack confidence, clarity or direction, people can sense it.
And that translates to no clients.
You have SO MUCH VALUE TO SHARE. It's time to let it shine.
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